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2 Day Workshop | GHPCO Regulatory Round-Up!

Join Charlene Ross of Hospice Fundamentals for this exciting two-day workshop, hosted by Georgia Hospice & Palliative Care Organization, as she drills down on hospice regulations related to care planning requirements and best practices to guide you through the live discharge process.  Help your clinicians strengthen their practice, leading to a command performance for your organization!

Who should attend

Those working in the field of hospice care will benefit from this event.

Topics will include

The Round-Up will cover a variety of key topics for strengthening your practice including:

  • Three Key Steps to Care Planning: Identifying Problems, Setting Goals, Planning Interventions
  • EMR- Potential and Limitations
  • Clinician Responsibilities Related to Universal Care Planning Events- Opening, Updating, and Closing the Plan of Care
  • Successfully Navigating All Types of Live Discharges, Including Discharges Out of the Service Area, Discharges for Cause, No Longer Terminally Ill, Revocations, and Transfers

Event location

Demere Center for Living
6000 Business Center Drive
Savannah GA 31405

For more information

For more information about this event, click here.

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