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Webinar | Improving CAHPS Hospice Survey Scores

Join the Home Care & Hospice Alliance of Maine for this educational webinar and learn how questions that have the biggest impact on the CAHPS Hospice Survey results are directly effected by clinicians’ influence on patients.  Are your clinicians treating the patients, or just their wounds? The key to better CAHPS results is helping patients believe they are more than just another Medicare number. This webinar addresses the questions that help to ensure each patient feels like a top priority.

Who should attend

This informative webinar is suited to clinical managers, field staff (nurses/therapists/aides/social workers/chaplains), administrators, directors, and administrative staff.

Topics will include

  • Measures that affect public reporting
  • Communication requirements regarding the CAHPS Hospice Survey
  • Survey document questions
  • How agency actions affect patient responses
  • Considerations for whether you have the right CAHPS vendor

Event Location

Time: 3:00 – 4:30pm/ET

For more information

To learn more about this webinar and how to attend, click here.

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